Zarathustra Boostah (for democracy)

From Zarathustra's Gathas, with a good amount of editing on my part (for clarity):

Both the Lord (secular) and the Leader (religious) are to be chosen because of their ethical character. These two choices should be made with clear thinking, so that the acts of life are done for Wisdom, and the community of God in which the elected persons are appointed as the Rehabilitators of the oppressed is then well established,

Ethical character is the best good. It is radiant happiness. Radiant happiness comes to the person who is ethical for the sake of being ethical alone.

May we join meritorious people in merits. May we be far from harms of the harmful. May we join the good people of the seven continents of the earth.

These ideas are at least 3,000 years old. But we need reminding. America, vote for what is good, right, loving, helpful, and decent on Tuesday.