May, I?

One of my early memories involved making little baskets out of paper or plastic cups, with pipe cleaner handles. My mother and I would make them, fill them with little pieces of candy and maybe a trinket then we’d top them off with picked flowers from the area (wild, nothing stolen from anyone’s garden). We would put the baskets on neighbors front door handles or steps, ring the bell, and like two pixies fly away to the next house.

Apparently the May Day Basket tradition was particularly popular in the Midwest, where I grew up, but may have ties to older European pagan practices welcoming the coming of summer. It declined in popularity to the point that I wonder if anyone does it anymore, and indeed I don’t remember if we still made them after my two younger brothers joined the family.

I hope the tradition makes a comeback, it’s a simple way to get in touch with nature and share a small gift with friends and neighbors.

Anyway, I offer you a virtual May Day basket, enjoy!