I Hope You Like This Gift

We Bring Our Troubles

We bring before You, O God:
The troubles and perils of people and nations,
The sighings of the sick,
The sorrows of the bereaved,
The necessities of strangers,
The helplessness of the weak,
The despondency of the weary,
The failing powers of any age.

May each of us draw as near to You
As You are near to each of us.

St. Anselm

Excerpt From: Herbert F. Vetter. "Prayers of Power." Apple Books. https://books.apple.com/us/book/prayers-of-power/id493611236

I like altars. They're tables where humanity and the Divine sit down together, meeting for important business. In Christianity they serve as the supper table for the Eucharist. In other faiths, they are used like a wedding gift-table. In most cases they are a stage for transformation. The ordinary bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of Jesus. The flowers and fruits stacked before Krishna become manifestations of devotion, gratitude and love.

By placing them on the altar, real or proverbial, we are offering to God something we need to have transformed. This includes difficult things too-troubles, problems, or even characteristics we want to change in ourselves.

Find a space to serve as your altar-what would you put on it? How does it feel to "meet" God there?